Week 5! 23 pounds to go!

2 pounds! Again!! All my measurement stayed pretty much the same this week.. but since the last two weeks were full of 1/2 inch drops I’m okay with that!  I’m determined this week to get three! It’s seriously frustrating me to be staying at 2 pounds! I have looked at my food journals and have noticed a huge trend in my eating. I think adding more variety to my diet will do the trick! Some times your body gets kinda locked in a trend and mixing things up will kinda trick it into burning more.

Last night we were driving and stopped at a stop light in front of red lobster. kelby looked out 20130622_183245the window and said “I want that please! I want that please!”  Kelby is a SUPER picky eater, she eats like a bird so when she asks to eat something I try as hard as i can to accommodate her!

Red lobster has this Lighthouse menu. ( i had to ask where it was)20130622_183828

Off this list i was able to put together a super awesome 400 calorie meal 100% on plan! 1 side asparagus 1 side broccoli and i asked for the grilled chicken (it wasn’t on the menu)  Not to mention it was AWESOME! i think i may order it every time i go! It was also like 11 bucks total!


Kelby was super excited and ate about 9 biscuits and a few noodles off Andy’s plate.

You can totally eat out pretty much anywhere you just have to get a little creative! Be picky! I always tip a few more buck then what i would normally because they go out of their way for me.

I will admit I had a SUPER hard time with motivation this week. I dug into some old picture of when i was skinny, before kids.  I put them on the fridge.. and on a photo board. I also tried on 054 051some of my skinny jeans WHICH!!!! ACTUALLY BUTTONED!!!!! I know, i know, incredible! They are super tight and give me like the muffin top lol.. so i wont be wearing them right now.. maybe like ten more pounds!!! AHHH!!! SO excited! I had the best wardrobe when i was skinny! I’m dying to wear it again!!

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