“How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to? – Anthony Robbins

One of my all time favorite quotes! On my quote board I drew a line through the “committed to” part and wrote DREAMING OF!  Being reminded that you have control over your tomorrow by your actions today puts the power of life back in your hands!

 My family and I took a trip to Vegas. Yes, I took my kids to Vegas! We had an awesome time! We went to the Dolphin Reserve, Nevada Zoo, Rainforest Cafe walked the strip, the kids LOVED the volcano and the double-decker bus! My sons all time favorite was the bumble bee human transformer!!  We had four days of walking. Every morning I woke up with horrible pain in my feet making it hard to stand. All day my knees killed with pain. Aside from that my inner thighs had horribly painful rashes from rubbing while i walked.


It was on this trip I decided enough was enough! I wanted to show my kids all the amazing things in life and realized I wasn’t living life so I could. I simply decided food is not more important than my kids!

This was my beginning motivation! Sure this motivation died off a few times. Waking up every morning putting my feet on the floor and feeling the pain kept reminding me I needed to take control.  I set up a plan! I filled my life with ammunition! I planned three trips to take this year!   Seattle, to see my awesome brother get married. Moad Utah, because it’s beautiful! And to Sea World because who doesn’t want to go to Sea World! All of them require lots of walking and lots of activity. I filled my quote board and put it above the dryer! (All mothers will tell you how much time they spend doing laundry. It’s seriously unreal!)

Knowing what kind of life I want I picked the path that would get me there! Every morning I wake up and start down the same path.  Making sure to do the things I need to create my tomorrow.

I think everyone has the desire to live life to the fullest. When you set out to get more out of life you start to get rid of things holding you back.  Don’t look to physical things  Like T.V. or social media, regular time killers. When it really came down to it I noticed the biggest thing holding me back was my self-limiting thoughts.

“There are no limitation to the mind except those we acknowledge” – Napolean Hill

Every thought in your mind exists because you allow it to. Your life everything you want to accomplish is possible by doing something as easy and changing your mind.  This kind of thinking is what has given me power to over come difficult moments in my life. Embracing the understanding that you’re the only one responsible for your life will empower you to take control and become limitless! Sure there are physical limitations.. I simply cannot fly. I would love to! I tried a lot when I was a kid.. heaven knows my kids have tried and failed many times. This is something we need to accept.

Or is it? Nope sure isn’t! Maybe 200 years ago! Humans have had the courage to push past limitations. We can now fly in the sky many many ways! All Limitations can be over come. It is when we push past our limits incredible things happen! It will probably change your life. It will probably change your family’s life. Who knows, you may change a strangers life, simply because your courage gave them courage!  When you think about giving up, cheating, or your just sick of counting calories. Take a step back and remind yourself Excuses are thoughts that turn into limitations!

My weight-loss is still in progress almost 40 pounds down! Every day I can see how my dream life is beginning to form I am empowered by the progress of yesterday to push through today!




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