How To NOT Pack On The Pounds For The Holidays!

I must apologize! My computer was destroyed by my five-year old who jumped on the couch so hard he sent my computer flying to the floor. Luckily I have an amazing computer wizz brother who somehow always manages to bring my computer back to life!  BTW if anyone is in the market to buy a new laptop for the holidays.. go with an HP! this computer is a tanks! over the 6 years i have had it.. Ty has spilled my coffee on it twice, Andy spilled an entire up of chocolate milk on it..  it has been dropped more times than i can count (all by little hands) the screen cord broke and was replaced AND now the hard driver was revived! and it’s working beautifully!  seriously HP is awesome! I can’t believe this trooper!

ANYWAY! yes, so let’s get caught up a little. for the Holidays I really suggest just sticking to maintenance and focusing on not over eating! I have noticed I find myself paying attention to the sweets but totally forget about fat builders like stuffing, or mashed potatoes and gravy, or pastas, or even egg nog! (believe it or not when i was fat i actually thought egg nog was good for you because it’s made with eggs… )  All of these things are going to contribute to weight gain over the holidays not just the sweets! SO here are a few tips to keep ya in control!

Remember your 9″ plate!

medium_335510497This is a trick you use when your dieting! But is easily implemented to every single meal.  I  picked up a big stack of christmas paper plates that were nine inches, a posed to the 12″ plates. Having a small plate means you fit less food on it. ( why do you think buffets always have a small plate) It’s a mental game your brain is playing with you but you might not be aware your even playing!  When your hungry, and you grab a plate  you have a tendency to fill the entire plate. Simply making that plate smaller so you can’t fit all those extra calories automatically helps you keep consumption down!  Take it one step further and divide your food. 50% of your plate should be vegetables and fruit. 25% protein and 25% carbs, (starches) . Go for low gi fruits and veggies first but don’t be afraid to have the higher GI as well.  Your not in fat burning so go ahead and rack up all the extra vitamins and minerals in other great fruits and veggies!

Keep it whole wheat.

medium_6751515257If you’re not shooting for gluten-free keep everything whole wheat!  Make your own stuffing by drying whole wheat bread. make chocolate cookies with whole wheat flour,  Rolls, pie crust, cakes made from scratch, pastas. White flour turns to sugar in your body just simply say no!



Sub your sugars, and oils!

In my book it is never okay to sub sugars for chemicals! Don’t celebrate by poisoning your body! . All of these are Natural full of essential vitamins and minerals and still provide the sweet sensation!

420To sub coconut palm sugar simple add  at a 1:1 ratio then go up from there. I have found in some things it takes more sugar and in other things it’s exactly right. Let your taste buds be the judge.




417For all your oils sub some sugar-free all natural, unflavored apple sauce. add at a 1:1 ratio and cut the calories you would get from the oils.







419Honey takes a little more practice to get just right but is well worth the effort.  Because honey is sweeter use about 1/3-1/2 as much honey as sugar. Also honey is 18% water so reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by 1/5. Honey also makes thing brown faster so lower your oven temp by 25 degrees. and Add a pinch of extra baking soda to counter act the added acidity.  Sounds hard but after your first time it will click and will be easy as pie! Adding honey ads an amazing home-made flavor to your cooking! It’s well worth the effort!



Take a walk!

Okay let’s be real! The temperature outside right now.. is 18.  yes 18.. not really something i want to walk in. In this cold weather I’m always reminded of an article I read in national geographic. It was about the Viking people forever ago.. and how scientists would find their bodies and unlike other civilizations back then for some reason the viking people’s skin was amazingly intact and preserved wonderfully. Just beautiful dead people.. ya know?  Anyway, they thought this was due to the fact that cold air and cold water forces your skin to tighten. keeping it younger looking.. and diminishing fine lines.. So there ya go.. whenever it’s cold and your like “man I’m going to freeze out there” Just think about how great your skin will look after.

Take the meal, Not the day!

My last tip is oddly hard for me. If I know I’m having dinner with friends or making an amazingly yummy meal for my family for dinner I tend to eat whatever I want all day! Then it turns into a day of crap when in all reality it should be one really awesome meal and done.  Drink lots of water throughout the day, Have a small salad for lunch and a fruit and protein packed breakfast  with a few healthy snacks before having an unhealthy meal. Never starve yourself as this kills your metabolism and gives you the tendency to over eat.  Allow yourself some desert. It wont kill ya just pick one serving about the size of your palm and call it good!

Happy Holidays! 409



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