DIY Medifast Rules!

Creating The DIY Medifast diet!

This diet is simple, once you get the hang of it! You will have to count calories, carbs, and protein for a while. Then it will just become second nature so hang in there!

These are the rules I followed to lose 50 pounds in three months!

 Medifast 5 & 1 is basically a math formula to achieve ketosis. (fat burning) Their food is fortified with artificial nutrients.  In real food this formula is 1,200 calories with 70 grams protein, and less than 65 grams of carbs a day. Eating 6 times a day.  Stick to this formula. We will break it up a little differently because you can’t add 9 grams of protein to an apple.  Not to mention you don’t want to!


These rules are the guidelines that set Medifast apart from other diets.


Rule number 1: All fruits and veggies must be on the low Glycemic index! Low means UNDER 55. Check to make sure the GI (glycemic index) for a particular food doesn’t change ounce cooked. Ex. You can have raw carrots, but the GI skyrockets when carrots are cooked!medium_2631602705


Rule Number 2:  You may only have 100% whole-wheat carbs! Stay below 65 grams a day! A good rule of thumb is making sure the first ingredient is “100% whole wheat.” You can only have carbs two times a day MAX! This number may lower depending on your sensitivity to carbs. I allow carbs ounce a day every other day. I’m over sensitive. NOTICE! In the one week lay out all the carbs are broken up by a fuel break or a meal!! If you aren’t losing the way you would like, your body may be more sensitive to carbs. You may need to cut some out and sub in veggies or more protein. Everyone is different. 


Rule Number 3:  You must eat some form of protein every meal! Protein is in eggs, cheese, nuts, meat, and fish. Any of these will do! Protein is what kills hunger! Strive for 70g of protein a day! If you feel extra hungry up your protein the next time you eat!


Rule number 4: You must eat EVERY 2-3 hours! By doing this you not only keep your medium_2283676770hunger at bay, it keeps your metabolism going!


Rule number 5: stick to 1,200 calories a day! 400 calories in the morning, 3- 100-calorie fuel breaks a 400-calorie dinner and 100-calorie fuel break in the evening. Stay as close to 1,200 calories as you can!  You may go a little above.  Don’t go crazy.


Rule number 6: Stick to lean proteins! Lean proteins are chicken, fish, lean ground turkey,  or 95% lean ground beef. Shop Organic. If you can’t afford or don’t have access to Organic meats. Look for meat with NO antibiotics and NO growth hormones.  Read the fine print!  Cut those chemicals. You want to increase health NOT increase damage!


Rule Number 7: 4 litters (YES 4) of FILTERED water a day! (I prefer reverse osmosis)  you lose fat through your pee so drink up! Clean that fat out of your body!

Rule Number 8:  Relax! Don’t worry about working out!  NO REALLY! Wait to startmedium_5197342149 working out till you get a good portion of fat off your bones! Putting more pressure and stress on your knees, feet, and ankles can cause damage that can last your entire life. Weight loss is 90% what you eat! I highly suggest meditative and relaxing yoga. Stress can have a huge impact on weight loss.


Rule number 9:  NO artificial sweeteners! Sugar free, diet, anything! Just say NO and have some fruit! Artificial sweeteners SLOW your weight loss considerably.  Many studies show cancer is attributed to chemical sweeteners as well.  Do yourself a favor and just say no.


Rule number 10:  Stay on plan! The goal of this diet is to hit Ketosis (fat burning!)  This takes 2-4 days for your body to switch over! So remember, when you feel like cheating. You will lose up to FOUR DAYS of weight loss for that one cheat! Not really worth it is it? I like to schedule an upcoming holiday or special day I can go off so I have something to look forward to!  If you would like some more motivation I highly suggest buying Ketosis strips. (Available at Wal-Mart) follow the directions on the bottle. It measures how much fat is in your pee! You can see if you are losing or not!


A few tips:  before you begin! Head to Wal-Mart and buy a food scale they are under ten dollars! You WILL need it!  Before you start take a before picture. Nothing special, just a couple full body shots.  The morning of the day you begin your diet take your measurements! Start a journal. Write the date and each area of your body. Example. Waist (the smallest part of you abdomen) chest area, hips, (measure at the widest part) Thighs (again measure the widest part) arms. Try and cover your entire body. Then get your starting weight! Measure first thing in the morning in the nude!!  Pick a day to weigh in and repeat these exact steps every week and track your progress!   Also keep a food journal! Write down what you eat at every single meal! Write down calories how much water you drank that day. There are lots of apps available that really help you log and track everything you eat!  Be as detailed as possible. This will be INCREDIBLY helpful if one week your weight loss is not what you wanted you can go back look at exactly what you ate and know what you need to change!!   Your food journal should look a lot like the week lay out.

NOTE! Everything on my blog is taken from Dr A’s habits of health book.  This is NOT MY DIET! I did not develop it. I simply made it my own. I suggest all of you do the same thing!! You get Doctor A’s book when you order Medifast!  Or you can Purchase it online. 




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